Privacy Policy

HUMANTIDE S.L. (hereinafter “HUMANTIDE S.L. " ) knows that you are serious about your privacy. We are too. We promise to provide you transparency in our privacy practices and control of your related personal data relative to HUMANTIDE S.L. Service (as defined in the Terms of Use Humantide).

This Privacy Policy covers HUMANTIDE S.L.’s handling of personally identifiable information ("Personal Data “) and other data collected by HUMANTIDE S.L. when you access the HUMANTIDE S.L. service. The Service is not available for children under 13 years.

What kind of personal information is collected by HUMANTIDE S.L.?

Personal information you give us: we receive and store any information you enter into to your Service or give us in any other way. The personal data collected may include your name, address, email address, phone number, birthday, user names Twitter / or Facebook, use information regarding your use of our Service, and browser information. We automatically receive your location when you use the Service.

The personal information you provide is used for purposes such as: to allow you to set to setup an account and a user profile that can be used to interact with other users through the Service, to improve the content of the Service, to customize the advertising and content you and your friends see and to contact you about promotions and new features. We can also use these personal data in order to adapt the Services of our community to your needs, and to investigate the effectiveness of our network and Services, and also to develop new tools for the community.

Data collected automatically: when you use the Service, are received automatically by HUMANTIDE S.L. that records in on our server information concerned to your browser or mobile platform, including your location, IP address, cookie information and the page that you have requested. We handle this data as non-personal information, except when we are required to do it under applicable law. Unless otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy, HUMANTIDE S.L. only uses this data in an anonymous and global way. We can provide suppliers, customers or organizers HUMANTIDE usage information; dissociated from any personal data about how our users, collectively, use our service, so that, suppliers, customers or organizers also can understand how often people use their services and our Service.

Information we receive from third parties: We receive and store information from third parties that interact in some way with the Service or to whom it provides us with services in connection with the Service. For example, if you unlock a HUMANTIDE S.L. promotion that is exchanged by passing a credit card, the credit card processor will give us information on the exchange, such as the time at which the card was passed. In addition, you may choose to use applications that share your personal data, activities and / or contents with HUMANTIDE S.L. through HUMANTIDE. Please read the privacy policy of these applications to understand which information is shared

How is shared my information?

Personal Data about our users are an integral part of our business. We do not rent or sell or transfer your personal information to anyone, however, as described in more detail in the next section (section “Public Information and Applications"), public information is available to third parties and we can provide it to third parties, under license or by another way. HUMANTIDE S.L. will share your personal data only as described in this Privacy Policy and related documents.

Friends: your friends can see, for example, the location and time of each of your hits geopositioned , name, email , phone number , photo, hometown, town , links to your Twitter and Facebook accounts ( if you have connected those accounts to your HUMANTIDE account ) , and the comments you write. People who read this information may use it or disclose it to other persons or entities without our control and without your knowledge. Therefore, we ask that you think carefully before including specific information that you consider it as private in its comments and other content ( location or other type of) that you create on the Service, or before accepting as friends people that you find unknown.

Business, places, events and brands: one of the key purposes of HUMANTIDE is to help users know about events and advertisements from other users that are relevant to them, and for these entities, to provide users with information about themselves, their places and events, and to reward users when they visit your place or event through offers and promotions. When you access to the Service and get geoposicioned, or when you enroll in a certain event or announcement, your access and location are shared with other users, so that goals of the event or announcement are accomplished. In addition, third parties may have access to global and anonymous data, as anonymous geo-data and access (ie, not tied to specific users) of users who like your event or announcement.

Publicly available information and applications, when using HUMANTIDE, certain information is public information such as your user's public profile , comments, I like, public photos , lists you create and friend´s lists, and it may be consulted by engines search and could be shared or disclosed to third parties , including through our APIs to a wide range of users and services. We may also share or disclose global and dissociated data, such as differentiated data access and geo positioning - (ie, not tied to specific users nor to your personal information) to third parties, including users of our API for analytical or other purposes.

Agents: We may hire other companies and individuals to perform functions on our behalf and we need to share your information with them to provide products or services. Our agents have no right to use Personal Information we share with them beyond that is necessary to help us, and provide a level of protection comparable to ours regarding your personal data . You, by the fact of registering and use the Service, expressly authorize this transfer and processing of your personal data

Determining and sharing location

HUMANTIDE S.L. manages location information as an essential characteristic of HUMANTIDE functionalities, for which HUMANTIDE S.L. needs to know your location. Every time you open and use / interact with HUMANTIDE S.L. application on your mobile device or you enter in, we use the location information of your mobile device or browser (ie , latitude and longitude ) to tailor the experience in HUMANTIDE to your current location (ie , we will show you a list of events , meetings and near friends) . This information is shared with friends of your list, with friends of your friends and in addition with the organizers of the event you had been subscribed. Also, if you use the Service to receive notifications of comments / friends / etc. nearby, the HUMANTIDE application will periodically inform us the location of your device, so we can inform you about interesting things that are close, if you are not directly interacting with the application.

The data for your location are shared with others from the very moment you access to the Service unless the user chooses to disable the geotagging using the available switch for such purpose. Information of shared relocation while the geo –location remains active is the information about your current location at this time. If for some reason you ever decide to delete your HUMANTIDE account, your whole history of hits geopositioned will be removed from our database.

Sometimes you will want access to HUMANTIDE without sharing your specific location with friends. To do that, we have created the possibility to disable the geotagging. To use the service “privately ", you just need to disable the geotagging using the switch that appears in our mobile apps. As noted above (section of publicly available information, HUMANTIDE S.L. API and Applications), although your access private will not be visible to the public or to your friends, it can indicate that this access was made anonymously, dissociated form of any personal data.

Sharing with suppliers, customers and other partners:

Our suppliers, customers and organizers: I addition to data sharing described above; we relate to a variety of businesses and we closely work with them. In certain situations, these companies provide services, sell products or offer promotions through HUMANTIDE Service . In other cases, HUMANTIDE S.L. provide services or sell products jointly with these companies. You can easily recognize when one of these companies is associated with the transaction and we will share your personal data related to transactions with the company.

HUMANTIDE S.L. Protection and others: We may disclose personal information when we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to comply with the law, including laws outside your country of residence-, to enforce or apply our Conditions of Use and other agreements or protect the rights, property or safety of HUMANTIDE S.L., our employees, our users, or others. This includes exchanging information with other companies and organizations (including outside their country of residence) for fraud protection and credit risk reduction, and always in compliance with the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data

Communications by e- mail

If you do not want to receive commercial e-mails, or other e-mails from us, please indicate your preference during the registration process or by the corresponding change in the configuration page of your account or through the tab “Settings" on our website upon accessing the service. Note that if you do not want to receive legal notices from us, such as notices regarding this Privacy Policy, those legal notices still govern your use of the Service, and you are responsible to check if there have been changes to these legal notices. We may receive a confirmation when you open an email from HUMANTIDE S.L. if your computer supports this type of program. HUMANTIDE S.L. uses this confirmation to help us make e-mails more interesting and helpful and to improve our service.

What happens with cookies and similar technologies?

We and our agents use technologies such as cookies and local storage (eg. in your browser or device, similar to a cookie, but with more information) on our website, in our e-mails and identifiers provided by companies of Application Platforms within our applications to offer you a number of products and services. You can control cookies through your browser settings and other tools. For more information, including the types of cookies and similar technologies that are found in HUMANTIDE S.L., go to the “Policy cookies" of HUMANTIDE S.L.. On continuing your use of our service through your computer or mobile device, you authorize us to use cookies and local storage in accordance with this Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy of HUMANTIDE S.L..

We are allowed to work with advertisers or other partners and advertising service providers to serve ads and services on computers, mobile phones or other devices that can use a cookie or a similar technology placed by HUMANTIDE S.L. or third parties (but we will not share with any other advertiser any other information that would led to your identification). This Privacy and cookies Policy of HUMANTIDE S.L. covers the use of cookies by HUMANTIDE S.L. and its service providers and does not cover the use of cookies by any advertisers. For information on how to opt out of behavioral ads from our advertising partners, click here or here.

Are my personal data safe?

The personal data of your HUMANTIDE S.L. account are protected by a password for your privacy and security. You must prevent unauthorized access to your personal account information by selecting and protecting your password appropriately and by limiting access to your computer and browser by logging out your cession at the end of your account access.

HUMANTIDE S.L. strives to protect user information to ensure that the information in the user's account is kept private. However, HUMANTIDE S.L. can not ensure the security of the information in the user's account. The unauthorized access or use, the hardware or software failures, and other factors may compromise the security of user information at any time.

The Service may contain links to other sites. HUMANTIDE S.L. is not responsible for the privacy policies and / or practices on other sites. When you use links to other sites, you should read the Privacy Policy listed on this site. This Privacy Policy only governs information collected on the Service.

Which are the personal data I can access?

HUMANTIDE S.L. allows you to access to the following information about you for the purpose of viewing, and in certain cases, updating that information and meet your obligation that it should be true, accurate and complete. You can access to this information on the HUMANTIDE website visiting the user settings page (except usage information, which can be accessed from the "History" tab). This list will change as our Service changes.

  • Password
  • Phone Number
  • Email address
  • Another user profile information (eg, hometown, address, photo)
  • Usage information (eg, history of check-ins)
  • If you have questions about the personal data that we have collected from you, please write to "HUMANTIDE S.L”.

    How can I delete my account?

    If you ever decide to delete your account on HUMANTIDE S.L., you can do it by clicking on the link “I want to unsubscribe“ on the configuration page of your account. If you delete your account, both the profile, including your history records, your user posts (as defined in the Terms of Use of Humantide) and promotional offers received will be removed from the HUMANTIDE S.L. site and servers. Because of the way we administer HUMANTIDE, this deletion may not be immediate and may be left residual copies of your profile information or posts on backup media for up to ninety (90) days.

    How can I delete my account information?

    Even after you remove information from your account or profile, may remain visible copies of that information elsewhere, to the extent it has been shared with others, it has been distributed in any way according to your privacy settings or it has been copied or stored by other users. Removed or deleted information may remain on backup media for up to ninety (90) days before being deleted from our servers.

    Will there be changes to this Privacy Policy?

    HUMANTIDE S.L. may amend periodically this Privacy Policy. The use of information that we collect now is subjected to the Privacy Policy in effect at the time of using such information. If we make material changes in the way we use Personal Information, we will notify you by posting a notice on our Service or sending you an e-mail. Users are bound by the changes to the Privacy Policy from the time they use the Service after the posting of such changes.

    What happens if I have questions or concerns?

    If you have questions or concerns regarding privacy using the Service, please send a detailed message to: : We will endeavor to resolve your concerns.